Landscape Design for YOUR back yard in Gainesville and Lake City

Experience Nature in your backyard

Did you ever notice that a lot of residential lots look pretty much the same?

The landscaping acts as a "landing pad" for the house and other than creating maintenance, it does not really "do" much for either the homeowner or our native flora and fauna.

I strongly believe that you worked way too hard to own this piece of property and that you are entitled to use every square inch of it to get the utmost enjoyment out of it.

We often think that sod is the easiest form of landscape, and that we don't need anything else, but there is so much you'll be missing out on if you just have a "Green Desert" around your house.

Let us give you some truly creative and custom tailored landscape design ideas for your home in Gainesville and Lake City.

Let us show you how you can create an environment around your house that is both beautiful and valuable for our wildlife - and all of that while being VERY low maintenance!

Create a natural perimeter that provides food and shelter for birds and butterflies, so that your children can experience nature in the real world, not just on Facebook and the internet.

Create outdoor rooms that provide space to entertain or rest, sheltered from the neighbors, so you can just be yourself.

Minimize the amount of sod you have to mow week after week - never mind the cost of water and fertilizer!

Use Appropriate plant materials that will require MINIMUM maintenance - no more trimming shrubs that want to be 10' tall into 4' hedges!

At Landscape Design Associates we can help you achieve these goals in three ways:

1. We will create a master plan for you and you can install everything yourself, in phases, as your budget - and energy level- allows. The master plan can be for plants only or include hardscape design, including construction details for any structures you want to add to your yard. We create a small e-book for you showing you exactly what plant materials we propose and what their growth habit are and their ultimate size will be. It is SO important to pick the right plant material, so that you won't be saddled with a hedge of shrubs that want to be 10' tall and yo are trying to keep them down to a more manageable 4' height! That's just no good for all parties involved!

​2. We can install everything for you, including hardscape (like pavers or retaining walls) and structures such as trellises and pergolas.

3. You can have us install some of the plant materials (like larger trees) and you finish out the rest or you can order all plant materials
through us and install everything yourself, at your own pace. You can place an order and pick up your plants at the High Springs
Farmers Market (Every Thursday) or we can deliver for a fee of $50 (orders over $300 will be delivered for free)

As you can see, we will work with you in every way we can so you can achieve your ideal backyard experience.

We do charge a fee for the master plan, but I am sure you will see the value of a design that is custom tailored to your needs.
A lot of nurseries offer free design services when you buy their stock, but right there is the problem - The Plan is a Sales Tool! The design will incorporate mostly plants the the nursery stocks or can obtain cheaply, because we all need to make a living. Also, they are not fully licensed and insured Landscape Architects. It's a little like having a builder design your dream home. I am sure it'll be fine but will it be really creative and not bound to what the builder always does? This is probably why most residential lots look pretty much the same!

We also offer generic landscape plans for perimeter buffers and butterfly gardens that you can adjust to your home site as necessary. Rest assured that all plant materials listed will be available through us.

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